Ferrari Used Cars – The F450 Scuderia

With the continuing rise of our Canadian currency, Ferrari used cars are among the most popular high-end vehicles being purchased in the U.S. and imported into Canada. Porsche, Jaguar and Aston Martin have been imported into Canada on record numbers as well, but the Ferrari seems to be the overwhelming favorite for enthusiasts. We’re going to take a look at what some call the “sexy beast” of the litter, and most riveting sports car known to mankind. Ladies and gentlemen, without further ado, the F430 Scuderia.

Introduced at the 2007 Frankfurt auto show by seven-time Formula One World Champion Michael Schumacher, the F450 Scuderia edition has become an amazing deal in the U.S. and pre-owned Ferrari cars have never made more sense than now. Ferrari took the F430 and spawned a lighter, sleeker, and better performing vehicle. A carbon-fiber intake manifold and an upgraded spark plug ionization-monitoring ignition system, engulfs the engine. This has given the Scuderia a 50 horsepower edge over the slightly tamer F430. A paddle-shifted six-speed semiautomatic transmission is standard, while grills and vents are strategically placed around this car to for cooling purposes. A pair of painted stripes flows from hood to trunk, signifying that this is a unique Ferrari.

Pricing for a 2007-2009 Scuderia in Canada ranges from $260 000 to as high as $290 000. Unfortunately even if you wanted one, there are very few around to choose from. Canada’s Ferrari inventory has a fraction of the amount of Ferrari F430 used cars that are in the U.S… You can purchase a 2009 Scuderia for $169 00 USD and have it tucked away in your garage for $205 000 with all modifications and fees paid. This is why a slightly used Ferrari F430 is the most sought after supercar in Canada, people love saving $40-$60 000!

Ford Lotus Twin Cam Engine & Oil Surge Prevention

he classic Ford Lotus twin cam engine was designed and built during the early 1960s, this highly successful engine powered an endless variety of cars to victory in many different categories of motor sport around the world.

The leading high performance engine tuners of the time were quick to modify the twin cam engine to boost & improve the performance of this free revving four-cylinder engine.

High performance race engines are generally prepared with no expense spared, usually, a dry sump lubrication system is installed to increase reliability & longevity, and to promote lasting performance.

The twin cam engine was used to power several cars, namely the Lotus Elan, Lotus Cortina, Ford Escort, to name a few, these high performance cars were quickly snapped up by enthusiasts for spirited every day driving, as well as for weekend motor sport events. But unfortunately, the phenomena known as twin cam oil surge quickly reared its ugly head when enthusiasts competed on race circuits in normal road cars.

Severe oil surge can destroy an engine in a few seconds when the oil pump is starved of oil!

Amongst the many published books that deal with the rebuilding & restoration of the classic lotus élan and the twin cam engine, only a few books give mention of the oil surge problem associated with the twin cam engine, they also fail to outline what the lotus owner can do to solve the oil surge problem. Perhaps the lotus twin cam owner is expected to accept the oil surge problem as being normal.

But that is a difficult thing to do when you consider the consequences of severe engine bearing damage that oil surge can lead to. If you want to race your élan, or take part in club level sprint events, then it would be a wise move to do something about oil surge.

For only a few dollars worth of sheet metal, some careful fabrication work, and some careful installation, the oil surge problem can be solved once and for all, the sump baffle modification work is not difficult to do, and if you have the skills and mechanical ability to carry out the work your self; the fabrication cost will be extremely low.

A new “How To Manual” provides detailed instructions about all aspects of sump baffle fabrication; it is a combination of several sump baffle oil control methods and ideas which has been expanded & refined to detail and instruct the home twin cam engine mechanic about how to construct a professional anti oil surge sump baffle. With a bit of nous, a highly efficient low cost baffled oil pan/sump for the Ford-Lotus Twin Cam Engine can be constructed.

This unique sump baffle design can also be applied to many other makes of inline four and six cylinder engines.

Commercially made baffled oil pans are available for the twin cam, plus many other engines, but the average enthusiast may not want to spend; $600-$800 US or more to solve the problem, and why would you when you spend less than $20.00 to purchase some sheet metal, which you can then fabricate into a brilliant sump baffle design which is quite straightforward to integrate into the standard twin cam sump pan.

The baffle design illustrated in the manual has been fabricated & built from ideas gleaned through discussions with motor sport competitors. This is great information for the serious Ford Lotus twin cam enthusiasts who will continue to maintain, rebuild & operate this all-time classic twin cam engine.

Sports Cars – An Introduction

An automobile designed for high speed and power, tight handling, and flashy look is what is known to be a sports car.

There are a various number of cars that can confer on the driver the status of being a really great driver to be around. The sports cars are amongst this category. These are produced every year, and each production is better than the previous one. They have the stylish look and it is a craze that everyone goes for. It is considered an element of glamor to own a prestigious sports car.

But now the question here is how to distinguish between a normal car and a sports car. So, the main criterion is the sleek aerodynamic body. The traction of the wheel will allow the car from flying as it moves with a high velocity at roadways.

Most of the these are often very expensive. But some of them are available at affordable prices. These are a craze amongst young people. So mostly they opt for such type of cars. Even the fact is that the target audience for such cars are young adult drivers. Young people consider them to be their dream car, and this may be the best thing to drive for.

The sports car lovers look for having a rear wheel drive. They have sleek look to the body and these are designed to hit the roads. Mostly are two seater and have excellent braking and superior handling systems.

They always go for certain modifications that bring about various changes. These changes are for the racing style and are meant for racing purpose and at the same time it must have the safety features also.

These allow you to feel the power as they roar through the streets. The companies that manufacture them have the proper knowledge and experience that allow them to have speed and safety at the same time. Speed is fine but safety margin is the first priority to be considered, while developing such kind of cars.

The racing cars are manufactured with high quality materials.

The number of reasons are there to purchase a sports car but the prime reason is that this car will help you go to place you dream of. If you love speed then they are the best option for you.