Buy Used Campers for Sale and Customize Your Vacation

The comfort and luxury of an RV entices summer travellers and enthusiastic adventurers alike to shed their tents and enter the world of modern motorhome vacationing. Digging deeper into RV culture, extreme motorhome hobbyists believe that the true beauty of owning an RV lies in the vast array of customizable options. Considering the price tag, this jump from weekend warrior to custom lifer rarely happens so easily. But if a buyer really has their priorities on customization over size, they can walk on to any lot offering campers for sale and aim for class B motorhomes that leave ample room in the budget to transform the purchase into a one-of-a-kind vehicle.

Electronics and Accessories

The first thing many people think of when imaging an RV is the lavish access to modern technology while on the road. Entertainment systems that compare to the neighbor’s home setup complete with state-of-the-art retina display and surround sound, or satellite radio that works in remote wooded locations are both possibilities not open to your typical car or truck. Electronics have advanced leaps and bounds over the years, giving surprising options to the modification aficionado.

That’s not to mention appliances in the kitchen or bathroom that separate the factory standard motorhome from “your motorhome.” Or, consider gadgets and recreation. Some companies specialize in detachable speakers that can follow the owner on a hike. On a larger scale, adding a ball hitch to the back of a camper allows travellers to bring their ATVs or dirt bikes along for the ride.

Taking It Easy

Modifications can also be applied to seating and sleeping arrangements. A dealer will never put up campers for sale that do not house couches, beds, or seating in the driver’s cockpit. For each interior luxury there exists opportunities to introduce a personal touch. Foam mattresses and seat-warming couch cushions aren’t available to the usual outdoor adventurer, and rarely does the driver have the opportunity to sit in comfort on that long interstate drive.

Your Own Design

Representing personality through RV customization goes beyond modern technology and relaxation. Personalization is about style. The floors, panels, awnings, materials used, and color can be modified according to any design of the owner’s choosing. The style portrayed in an RV comes through with the little flourishes in each room, be that retractable beds for sleeping or ovens in the kitchen that synchronize with modern smart phones. The idea is to let the imagination run wild.

The RV Mod Community

Owners do not have to know how to customize their RV themselves. In fact, there are companies who specialize in this sort of work. Or, a dealership with campers for sale will likely also have a service department for motorhomes. These departments sometimes cover modifications under a buyer’s special. Some people even prefer to renovate or customize themselves, turning to shops independently for parts and accessories. Either way, a culture has formed around the idea of total control over the look and feel of a recreational vehicle, and as such an industry has responded in order to make even the most absurd and over-the-top ideas possible.

2015 Subaru WRX and STi Modifications to Increase Horsepower

The Best 2015 Subaru WRX and STi Modifications

For the 2015 model year, Subaru has done what many never expected – split up the WRX and STi versions of its popular Impreza all-wheel drive Rally inspired four door. That’s right, the WRX and STi no longer share the same engine. While still featuring many of the same differences as prior generation, this is a big step for Subaru as they explore many new avenues and technologies with the 2015 WRX.

2015 STi vs 2015 WRX

Let’s start with the 2015 STi, as not much has changed with this model. It still retains many of the same old technology seen in prior generations. It makes sense for Subaru to hold back on any drastic changes where it matters the most, as the STi is one of the leading sellers in their current lineup. The engine remains an EJ257 using the same journal bearing turbocharger seen in past models, making an acceptable 305hp. Subaru did get into changing up the suspension a bit, making it stiffer and more refined for the road, but the AWD system remains the same as the last generation. In the end, the only big change for the 2015 STi is the exterior, taking up just a few more inches in parking spaces and giving it back to the interior occupants.

On the other hand, the 2015 WRX got major changes that affect every aspect from performance to handling. It also got a nice exterior makeover that many say makes it look better than the STi. New for the 2015 WRX is the engine, a shiny new FA20DET seen in the Forester XT and teasing it’s Subaru cousin’s N/A FA20. A twin scroll turbocharger helps propel it to an impressive 268hp, while direct injection helps rocket it to 16psi boost (from the factory!). The AWD system isn’t too terribly exciting as far as new-ness, but a 6-speed transmission helps push it down the road, while the refined suspension keeps it comfortable. The 2015 WRX cashes in at a few thousand cheaper than the 2015 STi, leaving it the more affordable option for AWD-turbo junkies!

Best 2015 Subaru STI Mods

2015 STi Intake: There are many brands that deliver great products at affordable, budget friendly prices. A quick search finds options from Mishimoto, Perrin, COBB Tuning, and AEM. From that list, AEM is one of the most recognizable names offering the most complete intake kit including air filter, heat shield, and intake pipe at the lowest cost. I imagine most companies will jump on board and start producing aftermarket 2015 STi intake systems, so keep an eye out for future offerings.

2015 STi Exhaust: For the exhaust, you really can’t go wrong with any choice you make. The 2015 STi exhaust is pretty restrictive from the factory, so utilizing a full turbo-back exhaust is recommended. If you’re on a budget, however, a plain jane 2015 STi catback will give adequate improvements in exhaust flow to increase power and torque. Many name brand exhaust systems are available for purchase from many online vendors, but ETS has become a reliable company producing quality parts for budget minded and cost indifferent owners alike.

2015 STi Tuning: Tuning has become much easier over the last 10 years. It has quickly become the fastest growing technology on the aftermarket today, earning the most power and torque in the process. There are only a few 2015 STi Tuning modules now on the market, making this decision easier than any other. COBB Tuning 2015 STi tuning module is one of the easiest modules to use- EVER! Its easy to read display and easy to understand layout make it the best option for not only the 2015 STi, but also many other cars on the market!

Best 2015 Impreza WRX Mods

2015 WRX Intake: Similar to the STi, chosing the best 2015 WRX intake system is a difficult decision. Many of the same kits are available for both platforms, with full kits from Perrin Performance, ETS, Injen, and AEM. COBB Tuning offers a complete kit including silicone intake pipe, air filter, and support bracket for the lowest price point compared to similar kits, while full kits from AEM and Injen are also available.

2015 WRX Exhaust: The best exhaust system for a 2015 WRX depends on what you want to do with the car. Catbacks are the best choice for daily driver vehicles, but full turboback systems are the definitive choice for racers and rally driven cars. Basic axle back exhausts do exist, but offer littler performance benefits and are more designed for changes in exhaust tone. Invidia has the largest selection of 2015 WRX exhausts, offering turboback, catback, and axleback exhausts at an affordable, budget friendly price while meeting high quality material requirements.

2015 WRX Tuning: Much like the 2015 STi, the only plug and play tuning device for the WRX comes from COBB Tuning. The same can be said about this unit as the STI, as it’s the same module just with different ECU tunes. Go with COBB Tuning, you won’t regret it.

Final Conclusion

Buy the aftermarket parts you can afford, but beware of bad materials used in the manufacturing process which can lower the life of the parts. Consider your power goals and the intended use of the car, and chose the best 2015 Subaru parts according to your budget and plans for the car. You’ll thank yourself in the end!

Why Thick Tyres Are Better Than the Standard Models

Often, you will hear about the thickness of tyres when it has to do with sports cars or off road vehicles. There are so many benefits for these cars to have thicker tyres on roads or other terrains. It is also beneficial to have these types of tyres on your standard 1.4L car.

Some drivers prefer the appearance or aesthetics of the thickness whereas other drivers are more into the practicality when it comes to the driving experience. These are the pros and cons of having thick tyres opposed to the standard versions.

The Pros

  • The thickness can distribute the weight better over a larger area. You will find it easier and safer to take corners at a higher speed.
  • Better grip can also help you to take corners at a higher speed and you will be able to experience a smoother drive at high speeds without as much vibration.
  • The distance needed to come to a stop will be decreased because of the surface area in contact with the tar. It will also make stopping or braking much easier and safer.
  • Wear will also be distributed evenly as the heat will also be distributed evenly. When wear is uneven, problems such as unbalanced and unaligned wheels arise. With time, the wheels could become extremely damaged and would need to undergo expensive repairs.
  • Rolling on an incline is slightly decreased because the tyres have more grips moulded in the tread. This could increase the lifespan of the clutch because less clutch control will be needed.
  • Rainy weather will not be as much of a problem because more rubber is in contact with the road.

The Cons

  • Unfortunately, not all cars are equipped with a large enough wheel well to accommodate such broader wheels.
  • These tyres do tend to be more expensive because of the reinforced material used to manufacture the product.
  • Fuel consumption will be slightly higher due to the weight and increased torque being used overall.
  • You will have to consider the profile of the tyres so that speed and acceleration is not affected.

When changing the tyres of your car, it is important to test the compatibility. Some cars were not made to be modified to such an extent as modifications could actually influence the overall driving experience in either a positive or negative way. It is to your discretion whether you make changes to your car in terms of the wheels and tyres.