Cold Air Intake Systems And Coilovers For Improved Car Performance

We often wish that our car can do more. And with this in mind, we often consider taking it to our trusted mechanic and see what modifications we can introduce to it. There can be several, and all these can cost us a large sum of money. In many cases, we would try to weigh things and end up asking ourselves if the investment we make would really be of value. What many of us do not realize is modifying our car does not need to be too costly. We can simply introduce small modifications like installing a cold air intake system or a coilover to give its performance a good boost.

You might be wondering what a cold air intake system is or what coilovers are. You need not be a rocket scientist to understand what these aftermarket auto parts are and what they do. Also referred to as a cold air induction system, cold air intakes are installed into the internal combustion engine of a car to allow cool air to get in, making the engine become less prone to overheating and increase its performance.

Coilovers, on the other hand, are introduced to cars to lower their center of gravity. They are much like shock absorbers but they are not necessarily shock absorbers. Getting confused? Not to worry – a coilover is actually short for coil spring over strut and is a type of suspension system. Unlike the stock suspension system, it allows more room for adjustment so you can lower the body of your car to your preferred height. And with its center of gravity lowered down, its handling is obviously improved.

With these two aftermarket parts, the performance of your car can already be greatly improved. Come to think of it, cold air intake systems make your car run faster but you might be worried about its handling. Now this part can be taken care of by coilovers, which help in improving the handling of cars so you do not have to worry much about having difficulty in controlling the car at maximum speeds.

You might not be dreaming of becoming a car racing star but it definitely makes a big difference if you travel on your car at its peak performance. Try to consider adding these two aftermarket parts into your vehicle and feel the difference of the improved performance of the your car that you thought is just another suburban vehicle.

Why Do People Like To Tune Their Car?

There is quite a fashion among car owners to tune their cars both on the outside and on the inside in order to improve their performances and consequently, to grow their value. If you haven’t got any vehicle tuning so far, here are a few reasons why you should get one.

The exterior tunings that people choose for their cars are meant to improve the look of the vehicle and not necessarily its engine performances. In this case, you can opt for a front and/or a back spoiler which will give an aerodynamic look to your car. The grating of the vehicle may be replaced with a bigger one that allows a larger quantity of air to get to the engine. This way, you will prevent your car from heating up. Other drivers choose a sports tuning by installing neon lights under their car or by changing their usual mirrors with LED models.

You may increase your comfort by making various changes in the inside of your car, such as, new leather upholstery. On top of that, you may choose to add DVD players in the front and in the back of your car for people to be able to watch movies or play games while you drive. Wood insertions are in fashion at present, so you can choose to tune the interior of your car by applying wood on the car board.

Nevertheless, it is the increased performance the reason why most drivers resort to tune ups, especially the ones related to the engines. These modifications can increase the horse power of the car, they may reduce gas consumption or they may assure greater durability to the components of the engine. Depending on the changes you want to make you may transform your regular car into a downright racing vehicle. The chip tuning is the one that guarantees the best results, so many more drivers resort to it.

Car tunings require spare time and money, so you need to make sure that you are willing to make these investments and permanent modifications to your vehicle. If you don’t feel like definitely modifying your car, you can always rent a tuned car at one of the vehicle leasing companies and flaunt it to your friends.

How to Advertise Your Used Car

There are many places that you can advertise your car for it to be sold. The question is: How is the correct way to advertise it?

Someone who is looking at an advert on social media, a website or a newspaper will want to know everything there is to know about the car. This means that they are interested in the car’s history such as if it was in any accidents, special features and they want to see a picture of the car. The idea is to sell a car to people who are in need of a working and functional car but don’t want to pay much for this basic transportation.

A clear description is the most important aspect of selling any item. Since a person can’t physically see the car the first time they see it online, they will want to know everything about the car before they consider seeing it in real life. A prospective buyer will want to know if there are any scratches or dents that can be repaired, scratched hub caps that should be replaced or buffed, and different modifications that the previous owner has made to the car.

Be careful when advertising a car that has had modifications done as such modifications can either add or lessen the value. The car will lose value if the owner has done the jobs himself and it appears untidy. This includes wheels that have been installed, turbos and superchargers, cone filters, blacked out lights (which is not allowed in many regions), and dimmed windows.

In your description you will also have to add what type of engine the car has and the interior features. The interior description includes ABS, air conditioning, Bluetooth, automatic windows, type of finish on the seats, central locking, a radio and whether the car has power steering. The engine description should include the type of engine it is (how much fuel is consumed per cycle), if it is an automatic or manual transmission, how many gears there are available, what type of fuel it uses and if any modifications have been done to the engine to increase power.

Lastly, you would need clear and bright pictures that showcase the car. Only one picture won’t be helpful as a person who is looking to buy a car wants to see the car from all angles. They also need to know if it is road worthy and worth consideration.

Used cars might be more difficult to sell because there are so many options out there. However, it is good to know that about fifty percent of people need a second hand car because the price is lower and it is within their budget. Advertise and make a statement so that a buyer won’t forget the quality used cars you have available.