Classic Cars In Time For Summer

The Classic Car Club of America defines a CCCA Classic as: A “fine” or “distinctive” automobile, either American- or foreign-built, produced between 1925 and 1948. Other factors, including engine displacement, custom coachwork and luxury accessories, such as power brakes, power clutch, and “one-shot” or automatic lubrication systems, help determine whether a car is considered a Classic.

The above description is somewhat limiting, with the beginning of the classic car era more typically considered to be the 1930s, ending with the muscle car period in the 1970s. Many show top off the definition of classic in 1972, defining cars built in 1973 or later as modern customs, exotics or collectibles.

There are many reasons why people claim they like classic cars better than cars of today. Some opinions and reasons include the following:

· cars are technically better built

· cars have more “style” and beauty in their body lines

· are more solid, made with metal, rather than cheaper products like plastic

· were designed by car-lovers, not businessmen

Resale Value

Classic cars tend to hold their value well, especially if they have been well-maintained or restored. As with anything, if you are in the market to purchase, do your research and make sure you know about what make and model you are looking for and what price range would be acceptable and appropriate. If you are looking to sell, do the same so you know what a reasonable price to ask is. Most desirable cars tend to be one-owner low-mileage cars that have mostly stayed covered and very well-maintained.

There are dozens of websites dedicated to selling as well as countless auto dealerships that specialize. If you can’t find what you are looking for locally, check out the internet, or plan to attend a Car Show in your area or beyond.

Classic Chevys

Classic cars come in too many makes and models to mention in this article. Although auto-makers such as AMC, Buick, Cadillac, Chrysler, Dodge, Ford, Lincoln-Mercury, Oldsmobile, Plymouth and Pontiac all have produced cars that now fall in the “classic” range, American-made Chevy has some of the most iconic models. Chevy’s portfolio includes the following:

· Camaro

· Chevelle

· Corvair

· Corvette

· El Camino

· Impala

· Nova

Custom Classic Cars

Along with restoring the classics, oftentimes people like to make their cars a little fancier by adding modifications known as “customizing” their car. Customizing can range from simple to very complex paint jobs, to mechanical modifications and decorative touches.

World Record Performance

The current Guinness World Record for highest car mileage is held by a 1966 Volvo P1800, which has now covered over 2.9 million miles! Volvo is one company where consumers can order parts from their local dealers to ensure the original performance of their classic car; and the parts delivered today actually have a higher quality than when the car was in production due to evolving technologies.

Whether you’re looking to purchase a classic car for an investment or just for the love of it, or if you’re just an enthusiast who loves the look, people seem to enjoy restoring and showcasing their vehicles all across America. You can definitely consider the it one of America’s favorite pastimes.

Improving the Performance of Your Scalextrics Cars

Scalextric is a brand of slot cars, those little toy cars that race around a groove in a track. They were released in 1960 (You should check out some of the vintage Scalextric sets if you haven’t seen them!). So these improvements to Scalextric sets will probably work with most slot cars but just so you are aware they are focused and design for Scalextric.

Now I’m a big believer in you should measure before you improve and in this case it a fun too! So grab some track and build a simple course the cars can’t fly off at high speed. Grab to cars and get them to race around at the highest speed. If they don’t finish at the same time have a go though a few of your cars until you find two that do. That’s our baseline! So do the modifications below to only one car and one side of the track and see the difference.

Now before you go modifying anything make sure you aren’t messing with any Vintage Scalextric cars. These can bit worth quite a bit of money in their original form so don’t mess with them. Hell, send them to me and I’ll send you two new ones 😉

So let’s get Modifying! When thinking of how to improve performance in a Scalextric car it’s the same as what you would do to improve your own car, better motor, tires, roads etc. In fact if you know anything more about cars than I do (and that’s probably likely) then you probably have a few more suggestions that I do so please send them on but here’s some that you can try.

Let’s start with the car because that’s where you can get the biggest benefits. Let’s start with the best mod, a new motor. The motor that comes with you normal cars runs at X revolutions per minute (rpm’s from now on) but you can get motors of the same size that run at up to Y rpm. So you can take out your old motor and put a new one in. Of Course the fast your motor goes the fast your car!

The next thing you can do is improve the gears. Your normal car runs faster in 5th than 1st right? And so will your Scalextric car runs faster with different gears. Gears change one rpm at the engine to a different rpm at the wheels. Now you can’t be in the cars changing gears like your normal one so the so have one set installed. But you can pull them out and install a different set. If you’re old gears meant that one revolution of the motor turn the wheels twice and your new configuration means they turn four times then you’ve just doubled your car speed! Be careful though, your motor only has some much torque/ power so if you gear it to highly the motor will not be able to handle it and your car won’t make it up any slopes or worst yet not move at all. It may take a little experimentation to get it right for your motor.

So now you’ve ramped up your rpm but some of your power is wasted on friction. The only thing you want the motor to be doing is to be turning the wheels against the road (the bit where you want friction) but it also turns the axles and gears against their bearings, and you don’t want to waste power here. So you need to reduce the friction as much as possible. You can do this by installing better bearings, which works great but is a little hard to source. You can also add lubricant the existing bearings and gears to reduce the friction. Or better yet, do both!

Just as we tried to reduce the friction where we didn’t want it we want to try and add it where we do want it – the wheels. It’s not good getting you tires spinning twice as fast if they just skid on the track and your car doesn’t move forward. To improve this you can get high performance tires and swap them for the ones you have on. They grip the road better and make sure your rpms are turned into kpms aka speed. Also, normally included in the cars design so there’s not much you can do about it, but you can add fins etc that use the wind against the car to push the car tight to the track increasing performance again.

So now you have your car running pretty fast – probably as fast as you can practically make it go; now it’s time to look at the track. Like the tires on the cars you want a high amount of friction on the track so the combined grip of the tires and track make for a great grip, the highest friction possible and the no lost rpm’s. Scalextric has a new sports track out designed to do that but there is some DIY you can do on your own track. One simple thing you can do is make sure your track is clean and clear of dust. As you can imagine dust on the track is like driving in mud and your car will slide.

Once again you’ve added friction to the track, now you want to remove it from anything unnecessary. As the car run around the track it runs on a slot. That slot in most homes is a natural place for dust and debris to collect and the car has to push through it to make its way around the track and it loses speed doing that. So clean the slot of the track regularly. I adjusted one of my cars to do it for me, adjusted the gears so it went slowly with a lot of power and put some replaceable tissue around the post that goes into the slot. Then all I had to do was drive it around once or twice! The other place where you can get friction in the slot is the track joints. If joints are lose or don’t line up the car to bump a bit as it goes through and this slows it down too. Quite often the metal connector between the tracks bend a bit and creates a bit of a disjoint. Bend the metal back into place and make sure the connection is not loose.

Last and probably least, the power to your car comes through the track to your car. For the more speed you want more power so you want to make sure it is all making it to your car. So check the contacts are all clean and not loose so there are no gaps in the power supply.

Now comes the time to test again. Get the same cars on the track and race them again, improved Vs original. If you don’t notice a huge difference (then you have probably done something wrong 😉 )I’ll eat my pants.

The Ultimate Automotive Mission – High Performance Parts for Cars

All you car lovers would have fantasized owning something like the very impressive bat mobile (Batman’s car). After all we were kids once, and now as we have grown so have our toys. The bat mobile still been etched in our minds even at thirty something. The reason behind it is your passion for automobiles. Some of us don’t just see our cars as mere vehicles used for serving our the daily needs of commuting. For some, their cars speak their persona, to some their car represents their place in their society and some are just wrapped in the velocity of car rides, proudly known as street racers. If you are a little more observant on the streets you won’t fail to notice a corporate class person riding his luxury sedan or maybe a horde of rebellious teenagers in a loud SUV. The pun remains that people like to add their personal touch to their cars and what’s even better if these modifications further enhance the cars’ performance.

To increase the competence of your car, you can mull over adding high performance auto parts. Aftermarket parts will augment the power of your vehicle which may not be functioning at its maximum potential right now. There are plenty of parts available for your car but, you should choose the high performance parts. Certain popular high-performance parts readily available in the market are high performance air intakes, exhaust, tires, ECU chip and access Port, supercharger, turbo kit, diverter Valve, blow off Valve, downpipes and so on.

You can either avail these parts in a choice of stores vending vehicle parts or, even better, you can choose to make online purchases within the relief of your own home. Lots of suppliers are available online for selling vehicle parts. While making online purchases, ensure that you acquire the equipment from a reputable and dependable trader. Some of the best suppliers also offer a fully equipped installation and service facility. To ensure the quality you can make a personal assessment between various dealers before settling down for the best one. An assortment of parts is available for both interior as well as the exterior segment of your vehicle. While availing the parts make sure you have a huge range and a number of imported brands to choose from. Often getting these parts from an online supplier cut down retail costs and thus becomes very affordable, to your advantage.

You can opportunely shop on the web and read plenty of client testimonials prior to making your final pick. However it’s always better to seek advice from a whiz before making major modifications to your automobile. Take your time to choose the best website online that sells quality car parts at reasonable rates and modify your vehicle for the best. Although you might have to search extensively, be sure that you will end up finding your perfect supplier.